Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Examples of Summative Assessments (including rubrics)

Examples of Formative Assessments

Research and Development Organizations for strong science curriculum materials and/or software: [The Center for Curriculum Materials in Science is based in part at UM and provides connections to good resources.] [TERC—a great resource for curriculum materials and technology for science and math] [Concord Consortium—great software that you can download from the Web] [Lawrence Hall of Science—produces science curriculum materials including FOSS and several others] [Education Development Center—a good source for both science curricula and technology-based projects] [Web-based Integrated Science Environment: learning environment for science using the Web] [hi-ce provides inquiry-oriented, project-based curriculum materials, mainly at the middle school level.]

Websites with info about applying for science teaching grants (to cover materials, etc.) [2 of my MNPS teachers received grants from this site] (See “Competitions and Grants” section)

*Be sure to check local, regional, and state-level foundations for less-competitive grants

Decent commercial software products

Professional Organizations for Science Teachers [National Science Teachers Association (Join and you can get access to science teaching magazines, lesson plans, etc.)] [National Association for Research in Science Teaching]

Standards and Benchmarks for Science A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices,

Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas Benchmarks National Science Education Standards Atlas for Science Literacy

Videos of Science Teaching (6th grade igneous rocks & viscosity) (5th grade marshmallows investigations) (Links to several teaching videos, including 6th grade matter & molecules)